The Area

San Lorenzo Nuovo

San Lorenzo Nuovo (5min) - the nearest town. Shops, bank and restaurants. The famous car race Mille Miglia (1000 miles) takes place the first weekend of May. You can follow the race from Piazza Europa (town square). Watch all the classic sports cars fly by while you enjoy the festive atmosphere. The town throws a flower party at the end of May. The streets are filled with "paintings" made out of petals from this spring's flowers. In August, every nearby town has it's own fiesta celebrating this year's crop. You can travel from town to town celebrating the wine, the beer, the mushrooms, the vegetables etc.


Lago di Bolsena (10 min) - a crater lake of volcanic origin. The purest one in Europe. You can enjoy beaches, watersports, fishing, sailing etc. It's a beautiful area whether you're looking for a secluded beach or a large sandy beach with deck chairs and snack bars.

Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio (20 min) - a beautiful medieval city resting atop a plateau of friable volcanic tuff overlooking the Tiber river valley. In 2006 it was put on the World Monuments Fund's Watch List of the 100 Most Endangered Sites. Really worthwhile a visit.


Pitgliano (30 min) - also called Little Jerusalem. In the 16th century Pitgliano bacame a refuge to a large number of jews fleeing from Rome during the Counterreformation persecutions. Even though there's almost no jews left in the town now, there are still beautiful synagogs here that are worth a visit.


Montepulciano (60 min) - a medieval and Rennaissance hill town, a main producer of food and drink. A true must-see for all wine connoisseurs.


Sorano (30 min) - not far from Pitgliano, also a town with jewish settlements. Lots of fascinating arts and crats shops. The city itself lies in a gap in the tuff stone, billions have been invested to preserve the town.


Pienza (60 min) - half way to Siena you will arrive at this beautiful Rennaissance town. In 1996, UNESCO declared the town a World Heritage Site, and in 2004 the entire valley, the Val d'Orcia, was included on the list of UNESCO's World Cultural Landscapes. It has a beautiful cathedral and piazza right in the middle of "wine country".


Orvieto (20 min) - The home of the beautiful Duomo, the cathedral of Orvieto. The city rises above almost vertical faces of tuff cliffs, an amazing sight in itself.


Sovana (30 min) - the last of the Etruscan villages. Several interesting burial places and a park to preserve the history of the Etruscans. This is the heart of the Etruscan civilization a must-see for those with historical interest.


Trevignano (30 min) - has a highly recommended restaurant with a star in Guide Michelin.

Varme termer

There are two hot springs in the area, only a short drive from Giommetta. Saturnia (50 min) and San Casciano dei Bagni (30 min).


Viterbo (40 min) - has a large university, good variety of museums with Etruscan history. The theatre is absolutely worth a visit and the city has great shopping.

Mille Miglia

Every year around the 20th of may this car race passes through the village.

Parco dei Mostri

Worth a visit.

Centro Botanico Moutan

Large meadows with flowers and beautiful plants. Worth a visit.

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